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Diaries of a lonely girl entry #1

i wish i could just be happy for people rather than just think of how miserable i feel. I need to remember that i need to become selfless and consider others before myself. Sometimes i feel like living alone and not being surrounded by my friends doesn’t help but i guess that is a battle i have to overcome. 

It is just hard when you love someone so  much you just want to be surrounded by them constantly. Selfish thoughts for the win. 

Lord help me to be selfless and not do or say things to simply benefit my own self esteem

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those moments where you feel happy, but you know they won’t last long


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Netflix be like here is all the seasons of Gilmore Girls, I be like bitch i already have all the seasons #imadevotedfan

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Feeling Blessed

I just want to remember how i am feeling at this moment right now. I have friends who love me, who truly care about me. I can’t forget that. and no body should for that fact we are all loved by someone. Most of the time life sucks and is screwed up but there are those moments when our hearts are filled with love and joy and that is what we need to focus on. I am so blessed by some amazing friends, and i want to remember that i always want them in my life no matter what, and never forget to keep in touch even the simplist thing of asking what i can pray about for them, because it is so important.

I love you my michigan friends, you make me happy to be alive

Thank you for reminding me that its gonna be ok